There are various groups of runners in and around Westville who meet at different places, times and days. Join one of the training groups to help you reach your running dreams and targets.
Things to bear in mind:

* For security purposes, when on the road, run in a group and do not leave anyone behind. There are no sweepers on any of the runs.

* Runners must be self sufficient in terms of hydration and nutrition. There are no water points provided by the groups.

* Please note that you run these training runs at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety whilst on the run.

Disclaimer: The Westville Athletic Club and Committee cannot be held liable for any mishap whatsoever.

Note that some of the starting times advertised below may change according to the seasons. Before joining for the first time, please try find a current meeting time for the group you intend to join. There may also be a WhatsApp group which you can be added to, for details of runs. Ask around on a Tuesday timetrial or speak to one of the Committee

Westville Mall – Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 05H00 – (8-10km Road Run on Westville Roads in about 90 minutes)

Westville Mall – Tuesday & Thursday – 05H30 – (8-10km Road Run on Westville Roads in about 90 minutes)

Track at Westville Athletic Club  –  Monday and Thursday – 17H30 – (Track and Speed work around the clubs Track)

Chiltern timetrial – quite a few Westville members join Chiltern to run their 4 or 8km timetrial on a Thursday from their Clubhouse in Fyfe Road in Westville North. As with the Westville AC Tuesday timetrial, visitors are welcome at Chiltern AC.

Westville Bowling Club  –  Thursday 04H45 – (8km Trail Run on Westville Eco-Trail in about 60 minutes)

Beloved Long Runs is a group of folk interested in longer runs on a Saturday (and route testers for Comrades training). Please see for further details and run schedules.