2022 Westville Athletic Club Membership.

Thank you for your support during another very difficult year.  We hope that 2022 is a better year and look forward to your continued support in 2022.

At the AGM held on 30 November 2021 it was agreed that there would be an increase in membership fees for 2022.  However the increase will only become effective from 1 March 2022, so any renewals completed before then will be at the 2022 fees. We would really like to encourage all past members to support the club in this very trying time for the club and take advantage in this price reduction by renewing their membership before the end of February 2022
The club really needs your support!

Membership Type 2021 Fee 2022 Fee from 01.03.2022
Full Member  R 420  R 435
2nd Member (Spouse)  R 300  R 310
Pensioner (65+)  R 315  R 325
Junior Member (Family)  R  90  R 95
Junior Member  R 110  R 115
Student Member (Family)  R 135  R 140
Student Member (U25)  R 155  R 160
Social Member  R 300  R 310
Social Member (Junior)  R  85  R 90
Frisbee Section  R 300  R 410
ASA License (Junior)  R 90  R 115
ASA License  R  140  R 185

A family constitutes husband, wife and any children up to and including the first year of leaving school. Paid up members shall be entitled to a rebate of 20% of the current annual membership fee of any new PAID UP member/s he/she introduces to the club. Please note that the rebate applies to the membership fee only and an email must be sent to the club advising of this new member introduction before they join.

Click here to access the Westville Athletic Club membership form.
Click here to access the new ASA Licensing form.

Please also see this document  for the instructions for the ASA Licenses.  This has kind of fallen by the wayside but ASA is adamant that it has to be done.  There are instructions to update, if you are already registered on the ASA database and there are instructions if you are a new member and have never registered on the ASA database.  You must update or register the ASA database before your license number will be released to you.

Registrations are open on Tuesday evenings (from 4th January 2022) and you will also be able to buy kit.  Times:  17h30 to 19h00.

We will notify you when the 2022 licences are available for collection.

If you prefer you may do an EFT into our bank account and then email the confirmation of payment, together with the completed Membership form and ASA License form to  Please complete BOTH forms if you are buying a license.

A Zapper code is also available at the club to pay conveniently with the Zapper app on your phone.

You will still have to come to the club to collect your physical license number.

Our bank details are as follows:

Bank:  Nedbank Westville
Branch Code:  138026
Account No:  1327 003465

Please use “Your name – Membership” as the reference