Club Time Trials

Time trials are an integral part of Westville Athletic Club.  Westville is known for its very tough time trial route. Up to 80 athletes gather at the weekly time trial, of which many are visitors. The only time that time trials are cancelled is when a public holiday falls on a Tuesday.  Time trials are run every Tuesday at 17h45 from the club house and you can choose to run either 4km or 8km.

All Westville AC members are assigned a bar-code card and the results can be found below. Unfortunately, without your barcode, your time cannot be recorded.

All visitor runners can note their own times on the timing clock displayed at the finish line.

Now that the bar-code timing system has been running for a while, it’s been decided to introduce a fun league from the results – with attendance numbers, timetrial participation points and PB’s (personal best) listed per member.

Unfortunately, the Covid 19 lockdown prevented this Westville AC Timetrial attendance league from continuing. We will restart this fun league in the near future.

Here are the 2019 League results and the 2019 League Leaders Log.

Time Trial Results 2020
Time Trial Results 2019
Time Trial Results 2018
Time Trial Results 2017
Time Trial Results 2014
Time Trial Results 2013
Time Trial Results 2012
Time Trial Results 2011