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Westville Athletic Club
Westville Athletic Club2 weeks ago
Our 4 cross country "development" runners at the recent event held at Toti AC - With their JAG Security sponsored t-shirts. You may recognize their faces from Tuesday Timetrials at the club.
Well done to Kylie Griffin for all the work she has put into these kids. (Organizing with the parents, transporting them to the events and helping with their running)
If any members are interested in assisting in the sponsorship of any runners, please speak to Kylie or any of the Committee members.
Westville Athletic Club
Westville Athletic Club1 month ago

Comrades Marathon runners, supporters and the public at large have been urged to submit their nominations for the annual Old Mutual Spirit of Comrades Awards to be held in October. A maximum of three awards are on offer in recognition of those who are deemed to embody the ‘Spirit of Comrades’. The criteria are wide but the following factors may be considered: a nominee having run the Comrades Marathon, most probably on numerous occasions; some association with the history of the event; and critically, in relation to a particular act of selflessness, sacrifice, courage or perseverance in a particular race or over a period of years. To complete a nomination form, click below, before July 31.
Westville Athletic Club
Westville Athletic Club1 month ago
Sadie van Dyk's obituary from the Highway mail. A long history with our club and with the Comrades Marathon ❤️
Westville Athletic Club
Westville Athletic Club2 months ago
Please mark this date on your calendars for the annual Club to Club run with Chiltern Athletic Club - hosted this year at Westville AC starting at 3pm. A Facebook event will be posted closer to the time 🙂 Who is going to win this year???
Westville Athletic Club
Westville Athletic Club2 months ago
A wake for Sadie van Dyk will be held at Westville Athletic Club on Wednesday 4 July at 5.30pm
Westville Athletic Club
Westville Athletic Club2 months ago
And Comrades 2018 is officially over and many folk will now take a well-deserved rest. Well done again to all runners - whether you achieved your goal or not! And a huge thank you to all our sponsors for the Comrades shirts (Fourie Stott , - Dave Ward and VR Sports) and to all the road-side supporters - you do make it extra special for the runners.
Here is the Westville AC list of Comrades Awards winners. Congrats to you all on some awesome results!

1st Man Thandekile Sotubhu 07:04:23
2nd Man (Novice) David Khabo 07:17:31
1st Lady Sarah Wilson 08:16:54
2nd Lady Sarah Eksteen 08:26:53
1st Vet - Man Thandekile Sotubhu 07:04:23
1st Vet - Lady Sarah Eksteen 08:26:53
1st Master (Tied) Cliff Robbertze 08:36:43
Trevor Hart-Jones 08:36:43
1st Bill Rowan Sifiso Vumisa 08:15:02
1st Bronze (Novice) Annemie Taljaard 09:12:11
1st Vic Clapham Jacob Twala 11:05:35
1st Novice David Khabo 07:17:31
Last Finisher Debbie Haswell 11:56:41
Oldest Finisher Clyde Walker 10:15:51